1.3L digital heating ultrasonic cleaner

Model: D1-1.3L
Units in Stock: 10

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Model No.: D1-1.3L



1.3L digital heating ultrasonic cleaner

1 piece high performance transducers

0-80ºC temperature range

Auto stand-by and sleep mode

Degassing and gettering function

Industrial grade integrated circut

Free setting from 1 min to 99 mins(accurate to seconds)

Heating function for cleaning oil and wax



Product details







Model No. D1-1.3L
Quantity of transducers 1 piece
Ultrasonic Power 60W
Ultrasonic Frequency 40KHz
Heating Power 100W
Control Mode Digital control
Tank Capacity 1.3L
Tank Size(mm) 150*140*65(L*W*H)
Overall Size(mm) 190*170*195(L*W*H)

AC 220~240V, 50Hz

AC 100~120V, 60Hz

Drainage None
Cleaning Basket Yes
Time Range(Min) 1~99
Temperature Range(ºC) 0~80



A. Clean specialized instruments, components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories etc.

B. Smash, emulsify, scatter, hydrolyze, extract, degass certain analyzed objects in labs.