ST-B Series Digital Torque Meter

Model: ST-B Series Digital Torque Meter
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ST-B Series Cap Torque Meter , an intelligent metrologic instrument, is designed for detecting and calibrating the torsion of approval and closure of various caps. The clamp installation is easy, rapid and its diameter can reach 200mm.


  1. Peak holding and auto-releaing function:The peak holding time can be set (1-10 seconds);
  2. Comparing function: Initial input of the tolerance limit(Max/Min) enables the device to judge the measured result as Go( Green pilot lamp)/NG (Red pilot lamp);
  3. Memory funtion: Memory 10 testing data, and calculate the average;
  4. Three units conversion: Converting three units(N.m, automatically;
  5. Automatic power off function: The power off time (1-60minutes) can be set by yourself.
  6. Insider printer: Printing testing curve or 10 groups of testd data.
  7. RS-232 output: Connecting to computer to view force vaule curve by testing software. The testing data also can be trasmitted to computer and save it into Excel to do analysis and print.
Model ST-1B ST-2B ST-5B ST-10B ST-20B
Capacity 1N.m 2N.m 5N.m 10N.m 20N.m
Resolution 0.0005N.m 0.001N.m 0.002N.m 0.005N.m 0.01N.m
Accuracy ± 0.5%FS
Power 220 ± 10%V 100W
Adaptor 365 X 210 X 135mm
Weight 9.0kg