SFT Series Torque Dial Indicating Torque Driver

Model: SFT Series
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SFT Series dial indicating torque driver is applied in fastening screw piece required of torque. It can effective indicate the work piece the work piece comes under the torque value.


  1. Easy and intuitionistic to read;
  2. Peak holding function;
  3. Bidirectional operation,free set the torque value.
Model SFT-0.2 SFT-0.5 SFT-1 SFT-2 SFT-5
Capacity 0.05~0.2N.m 0.1~0.5N.m 0.2~1N.m 0.5~2N.m 1~5N.m
Resolution 0.005N.m 0.01N.m 0.02N.m 0.05N.m 0.1N.m
Accuracy ± 5%
Handle 22mm 37.7mm
Tie-in dimension 6.35(haxagon)
Dimension 152 X φ 91mm 273 X φ 91mm
Weight 0.17kg 0.4kg