SDW Series Microprocessor Control Universal Testing Machine

Model: SDW Series
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SDW Series Microprocessor Control Universal Testing Machine

SDW Series Microprocessor Control Universal Testing Machine intergrates electronic technology and mechanical drive, has accurate load speed and force testing range, is a new tpye of material testing machine, which measures and controls load, strain and displacement accurately and flexibly. This mac hin e can apply to metal and non-metallic material 's tension, compression , bend, and cut .


  1. Microprocessor control the whole testing , real time display load , displacement , strain value and testing speed and curve dynamically;
  2. The crossbeam can stop moving automatically after the sample break;
  3. Auto save the testing report, can be checked by the time and document name;
  4. Standard testing report format, can edit personality testing report;
  5. All digital , three (Force,strain, displacement) control system;
  6. Operation as curve marker, enlarge, compare, print;
  7. Perfect limited position protected, over load protected,scram and safety protected function;
  8. Imported digital type AC servo system, high drive efficiency, low voice, strong stability;
  9. High accuracy ball screw, improve drive's efficiency and displacement's accuracy;
  10. Imported high precision sensor, insure testing's accuracy;
  11. High precision strain measurement setting ,improve strain measurement's accuracy;
  12. Control mounted in machine with software loaded connected to PC via USB.


Model SDW-10 SDW-20 SDW-30 SDW-50 SDW-100 SDW-200
Capacity 10kN 20kN 30kN 50kN 100kN 200kN
Accuracy 0.5grade/1grade
Testing Range 0.4% ~ 100%FS/1% ~ 100%FS
Relative Testing ValueError Within ± 0.5%/Within ± 1%
Testing Resolution 1/300000FS
Strain Range 0.02% ~ 100%FS
Relation Strain Value Error Within ± 0.5%
Strain resolution 1/300000FS
Position resolution 0.05um/0.1um
Force speed ratio regulation range 0.005 ~ 5%FS/S
Froce speed ratio regulation accuracy When speed ≤ 0.05%FS, within ± 2%; Speed ≥ 0.05%FS, within ± 0.5%/ ± 1%
Strain speed ratio regulation range 0.02 ~ 5%FS/S
Relative speed ratio erro Within ± 0.5%
Beam speed regulation range 0.001~500mm/min
Relatire beam speed error When speed ≤ 0.5mm/min, within ± 1.0%; Speed ≥ 0.5mm/mion, within ± 0.2%
Constant strength / strain / displacement control range 0.5% ~ 100%FS
Constant strength / strain / displacement control accuracy When Setting value is ≤ 10%F.S, within ± 0.5%; Setting value is ≥ 10%F.S, within ± 1.0%
Power 220V ± 10% 0.4~1kW 380V ± 10% 1.5 ~ 3kW
Clearance between columns 400mm 540mm
Valid tension space Single space:850mm
Double space:600mm
Single space:570mm
Double space:500mm
Double space:
Main body dimension 750X510X1940mm 740X510X1870mm 740X570X1870mm 1090X670X2530mm
Main body Weight 300.0kg 350.0kg 450.0kg 1200.0kg