SJH-500 Electric Horizontal Test Stand

Model: SJH-500 (SP)
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SJH-500 Electric Horizontal Test Stand is a tensile/compressive test stand applied with SN/SH(Sensor Inside) Push Pull Gauge. With double pillar, it has good stability, wide application range , convenient usage,nonpolar timing, manual and automatic control switch function. It is specialized for tension/ compression, insertion/withdraw and fracture test.

  1. Dimension : L W H(mm)580 175 320;
  2. Weight : about 28.4kg;
  3. Capacity : 500N;
  4. Stroke : 250mm;
  5. Testing speed : 50-500mm/min;
  6. Applied with(purchase additionally) : SN SH/SP (Sensor Inside) Push Pull Gauge, various clamps.