SH Series Digital Push Pull Gauge

Model: SH Series Digital Push Pull Gaug
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SH-B Series Digital Force Gauge is multifunctional push testing instrument with high resolution. It is applied in push/pull test , insertion /withdarw test , and fracture test. Moreover , the product , connecting to computer to display the test force curve and test process , is efficient push pull testing equipment in a new generation.


  1. Peak holding and auto-releasing function : the peak holding time can be set(1-10 seconds);
  2. Comparing function :
  3. Initial input of the tolerance limit(Max/Min)enables the device to judge the measured result as Go(Green pilot lamp)/NG(Red pilot lamp);
  4. Units conversion : Converting three units(N, kgf, ibf) automatically;
  5. LCD screen direction turning function :
  6. Pressing the unit key for 3 seconds, the LCD screen will change its direction;
  7. Automatic power off function : Power off time (1-60minutes) can be set by yourself;
  8. RS-232C output :
  9. Transmitting the data to Printer or computer, saving it into 'Excel' for analysis or printing;
  10. Patent number:ZL200430151019.3,ZL200620013022.2.     


                                                                                                               S Type Sensor Outside                           Cycle Type Sensor Outside


Model H M Sensor
SH-1K - 20K 76.2 M12 x 1.75 S Type bidirectional Push and Pull
SH-50K 108 M18 x 1.5
SH-100K 178 M30 x 2
SH-200K 45 M36 x 2 Cycle Type bidirectional Push and Pull
SH-500K 64 M42 x 2
SH-1000K 90 M70 x 3
SH-2000K 120 M90 x 3


Model SH-2 SH-5 SH-10 SH-20 SH-50 SH-100 SH-200 SH-500 SH-1K SH-2K SH-5K SH-10K SH-20K SH-50K SH-100K SH-200K SH-500K SH-1000K SH-2000K
Capacity 2N 5N 10N 20N 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N 2000N 5000N 10KN 20KN 50KN 100KN 200KN 500KN 1000KN 2000KN
Resolution 0.001N 0.001N 0.005N 0.01N 0.01N 0.05N 0.1N 0.1N 0.5N 1N 1N 0.005KN 0.01KN 0.01KN 0.05KN 0.1KN 0.1KN 0.5KN 1KN
Sensor type Internal Sensor External S Type Sensor External Cycle Type Sensor
Range 10%~100% FS
accuracy ±0.5% ±1%
Power 8.4V 1.2V 7 Nickel hydride battery, using 40 hours when charging full, standby time about 3 months, battery life > 300 times
Adaptor Input: AC 220V 50Hz , Output: DC 12V 300mA
Weight 0.7kg 1.7kg 1.9kg 3.3kg 10.6kg 6.2kg 14.2kg 36.5kg