SD Series Digital Spring Tester

Model: SD-10~30
Units in Stock: 0

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SD series digital spring tester is special for testing tension & compression of spring's distortion and load, and it also can be used to test the load of rubber and reed.


  1. Peak holding and auto-releasing function;
  2. Set upper and lower limit, alarm with sound and light;
  3. Converting three units automatically;
  4. Automatic power-off;
  5. Calculating average function;
  6. RS-232C output;
  7. Printer inside.

Note: SD-B series spring tester has not inside printer, and no data port.

Model SD-10 SD-20 SD-30 SD-50 SD-100 SD-200 SD-300 SD-500 SD-1000 SD-2000 SD-5000
Capacity 10N 20N 30N 50N 100N 200N 300N 500N 1000N 2000N 5000N
Resolution 0.001N 0.002N 0.01N 0.01N 0.02N 0.05N 0.1N 0.1N 0.2N 0.5N 1N
Test Travel 65mm 95mm 150mm
Distrortion Resolution 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Platen Diameter φ 30mm φ 49mm φ 108mm
Max Free Testable 65mm 95mm 200mm
Test range 5%~100%FS
Weight Within ± 1%
Power 220 ± 10%V 100W
Dimension 300 X 235 X 600mm 300 X 235 X 620mm 490 X 300 X 920mm
Weight 13.2kg 17.3kg 19.1kg 20.8kg 47.5kg