GY Fruit Sclerometer

Model: GY Fruit Sclerometer
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GY Fruit Sclerometer has four model: GY-1, GY-2 and GY-3, GY-4 which are to measure the hardness of apples, pears,  strawberries and grapes, etc. It is a suitable instrument for fruit company, fruit farm, fruit research institutions to test the ripeness of fruits. With compact size, low weigh t and ocul ar readi ng, it is suitable to use on the scene. It also can be applied with its matched test stands to improve the accuracy.

Model GY-1 GY-2 GY-3 GY-4
Capacity 2-15kg/cm²( 10⁵Pa) 0.5-4kg/cm²( 10⁵Pa) 0.5-12kg/cm² 1-24kg/cm² 0.2-10kg/cm²( 10⁵Pa) 0.4-20kg/cm²( 10⁵Pa)
Resolution 0.1kg/cm² 0.02kg/cm² 0.1kg/cm² 0.2kg/cm² 0.005kg/cm² 0.005kg/cm²
Accuracy ± 2% ± 1%
Pressure Depth 10mm
Show Model Analog Digital
Dimension 151 X 55 X 30mm 260 X 60 X 36mm
Weight 0.2kg 0.6kg