Apollo Seiko Replacement Tip TM TS DCN DCM DCS

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Top Level Apollo Seiko Replacement Iron Cartridge

Apollo Solder Tips Catalogue                                

Centmas has rich experience on producing high quality replacement robotic soldering tips, the products’ quality is stable and have good thermal conductivity & temperature recovery ability. The tips have been tested and approved by dozens of corporations / factories around the world.

We produce and promote Apollo Seiko replacement soldering tips, available types: DCS, DCN, TS, TM and quick change type (DCx) series tips.

·         TM iron cartridge: 145mm length for AC100V

·         TS iron cartridge: 101mm length for AC100V

·         DCM iron cartridge: 145mm length for DC48V

·         DCS iron cartridge: 101mm length for DC48V

·         DCN iron cartridge: 101mm length for DC48V, sleeve with N2 supply


100% quality guarantee

·         1:1 made according to Apollo Seiko solder tip.

·         Assembled with best quality heating element and connection terminal.

·         Every tip is tested by professional equipment during production and before delivery

·         Free replacement if quality issue


Features of Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips:

·         Designed to meet Lead free soldering requirements.

·         A high precision themocouple is built in to the apex of the iron tip, a minimal temperature drop can be quickly detected and recovered, temperature can reach 300° C within 6 seconds.

·         Quick change cartridge type iron provides for consistent location and  height adjustment with each tip change.

 Reach 300℃ in 7 seconds

Leisto’s replacement Apollo Seiko solder tips can reach 300℃ within 7 seconds (while original tip reaches the same temp. in 6 seconds), the temp. increase to a higher than preset number and then automatically calibrate to preset temperature.

Reliable Life and Stable Temperature



Centmas soldering tips for Apollo Seiko automated soldering machine, have been tested, approved and used by global 500 companies, public companies, private companies, joint venture companies, etc.

The life can reach up to 85% of Apollo Seiko genuine tip.

Temperature Difference: +/- 15℃


Customizable Apollo Seiko Solder Tips

Centmas is able to custom made any size of Apollo Seiko solder tips as per customer’s requirements. We can also provide consultant service to help you remake the solder tips to fit your working applications.

Cut 2/3 to 3/4 cost

Cut the cost without sacrifice quality! We offer favorable price according to the order quantity and you can save up to 3/4 cost than current procurement.