Digimatic Micrometer MDC-S

Model: Digimatic Micrometer MDC-S
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Manufactured by: Mitutoyo

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Digimatic Micrometer MDC-S


• The new design of the MDC-S allows for simple operation.
• A larger LCD display allows the user to read all measurements with ease.
• The addition of the automatic power (ON/OFF) function assures long-lasting battery life.
• Slim, lightweight construction for easy, one-handed operation as compared to a conventional digital micrometer.

Enhanced competitive position by the newly mounted function and reliability

  1. The mounted Mitutoyo original electromagnetic-guidance-type rotary sensor has enhanced robustness against dust or gap  and improved digital reliability more
  2. Elongate battery lifetime (existing model 1.2yrs, new model 2.4yrs) has realised by a button-shaped battery (SR44)
  3. Added: Anti-slip finish for measurement in hand
  4. Safety is guaranteed by a function-lock system
  5. New ratchet thimble has improved one-hand operability
LCD Resolution Measuring Range Order No. Accuracy at 20ËšC Mass Remarks
.00005"/ 0.001mm 0-1"             (0-25mm) 293-831 ±.0001" (±2µm) .605 lbs.(275g) Origin key, inch/mm key, ratchet stop
293-832 ±.0001" (±2µm) .616 lbs.(280g) Origin key, inch/mm key, fiction thimble
0.001mm 0-25mm 293-821 ±2µm 275g Origin key, ratchet stop