Vernier Height Gauge Series 514

Model: Vernier Height Gauge Series 514
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Vernier Height Gage
SERIES 514, 506 — Standard Height Gage with Adjustable Main Scale

• Fits comfortably in the hand and moves easily on the surface plate.
• The main scale slides and clamps within the column for quick and convenient zero-setting.
• Large locking knobs are used both for the slider and fine adjustment clamps to make clamping easy and secure.
• Operability of slider has been improved.
• Large mainscale engraving for fatigue-free working.
• Carbide-tipped scriber (No. 07GZA000 for Nos. 514-102/ 104/106/103/105/107, No. 905200 for Nos. 514- 108 and 109, and No.  900390 for No. 514- 170) is provided as a standard accessory. (Scriber cramp No. 05GZA033 for Code No. 514- 102/104/106/108 /103/105/107/109, and No. 905008 for No. 514-170)
• For precision Black Granite Surface Plates, refer to page E-45.

Order No. Range Graduation Accuracy* Scale adjustment Fine feed Height Mass Remark
506-207 0-200mm 0.02mm ±0.03mm - 4mm 341mm 1.4kg -
514-102 0-300mm ±0.04mm 15mm 525mm 3.1kg -
514-104 0-450mm ±0.05mm 675mm 3.4kg -
514-106 0-600mm 7mm 870mm 7.4kg -
514-108 0-1000mm ±0.07mm 25mm 6mm 1340mm 20kg -
514-170 0-1500mm 0.05mm ±0.18mm 20mm 1760mm 26kg with magnifier