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CD-AX/APX 500-Series

New-series Digimatic calipers born from Mitutoyo’s technologies accumulated for 30
years since development of digital calipers.
Equipped with the electromagnetic induction type absolute encoder applied for
ABS coolant-proof calipers.
*Patent registered (in Japan, USA, China, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and India)

Thanks to the adoption of the electromagnetic induction type ABS encoder, this caliper
can be used without concern for contamination on the scale face during measurement.



• A battery life of approximately 3.5 years has been achieved under normal use through the adoption of Mitutoyo's ABSOLUTE scale.
• The slider configuration features an ergonomic, thumb-friendly shape.
• Step-measurement capable.
• Carbide-tipped jaw models are ideally suited to the measurement of rough machined workpieces, castings, grindstones, etc.
• The data output function allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems.

Common Specifications
• Resolution: 0.01mm
• Repeatability: 0.01mm
(Quantizing error excluded)
• Power supply: Button-type silver oxide battery
SR44 (No. 938882), 1 piece supplied as standard
(The standard supplied battery is for the monitor.)
• Battery life: Approx. 3.5 years under normal use
• Maximum response speed: Unlimited


ABS (absolute) measurement function:
Enables absolute-mode measurement to be
started without any zero-setting after switch-on.
The absolute origin position can be set, or reset,
with the ORIGIN switch at any time.

INC (incremental) measurement function:
Enables the display value to be set to zero,
temporarily, at the current slider position to
enable easy incremental-mode measurement.

Low battery alarm:
Indicates (with a 'B' symbol in the display) that
the battery needs replacing. This allows timely
battery replacement before the caliper
becomes unusable.

External output function:
Allows measurement data to be exported using
the optional data cable.

Order No. Range Accuracy Mass Measurement data output port Thumb roller Remarks
500-150-30 0-100mm ±0.02mm 143g Depth bar Ñ„1.9mm rod
500-180-30 - -
500-151-30 0-150mm 168g -
500-154-30 Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement
500-155-30 Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement
500-158-30 Depth bar Ñ„1.9mm rod
500-181-30 - - -
500-152-30 0-200mm 198g -
500-156-30 Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement
500-157-30 Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement
500-182-30 - - -

Measuring Range A B C D H L
0-100 16.5 21 14.5 40 16 182
0-150 233
0-200 20 24.5 18 50 290