6102 Fume Fitering System

Model: 6102 Fume Fitering System
Units in Stock: 10

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  • Integrative structure design, easy installation, agile movement, no need to lay any pipelines.
  • Large-power brushless DC fan generates large air flow.
  • Low noise.
  • Triple filter design, remove hazardous substances from fume to ensure body safety. Pre- filter and main filter can be replaced separately to make full use of filters and cut down cost.
  • Built-in air cycling filtering system, avoid discharging the cool/hot air outside.
  • Both air flow and arms are adjustable.



Static Pressure                     2200 Pa
Airflow                                                   320 m³/h
System Flow(including filter mechanism)  2×100 m³/h
Filtering Efficiency                                     0.3μm  99.97%
Power Consumption                                             120W
Noise                                                                                            ≤55dB
Dimensions                                              470(L)×230(W)×500(H)mm
Qty of Arms                                             2
Weight About 15.5kg