Ionizing Air Gun 311B

Model: Ionizing Air Gun 311B
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The Centmas 311A/B ionizing air gun is a handhold device which
provides concentrated flow of high pressure ionized air to a targeted
surface or object. They are designed for more large focused cleaning
and neutralization. It is well used in delicate electronic products,
electronic assembly line, medical device manufacture and assembly
line. It has an effective distance of 1,000mm. It operates with 402A/402B
Power Supply.

Features and Benefits:
1)Large air flow
2)Lightweight ergonomic design for user comfort
3)Adjustable airflow control (Model: 311B)
4)Low balance offset voltage

Typical Application:
1)Electronics Assembly
2)Medical Device Manufacturing and Packaging
3)Semiconductor and flat panel display processes

Operating Voltage


Current Consumption


Operating Temperature

0~50 C


0.5 kg

HV Cable Length

3 Meters

Operating Air Pressure


Operating Air Velocity