Himax TL-6500 Electric Screwdriver

Model: TL-6500 Electric Screwdriver
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TL 6500 Electric Screwdriver
Torque controlled DC type electric screwdrivers
High torque type 2.0~20.0 Kgf-cm

>Best choice for high torque and high efficient operation
>High efficiency
Main applicable products
Cameras, mobiles, HDD, CD, laser reading heads, car-carried sound equipment, small VTR, UPS navigators, small computers, TFT panels, NB notebook PC, video game machines, facsimile sets, TV sets, photo printers, telescopic antenna, communication equipment, video recorders, car lamp and lighting fixtures etc.

HIMAX Electric Screwdriver TL 6500 
HIMAX Electric Screwdriver TL 6500 High Torque Type  2.0~20.0 kgf-cm
Low-voltage DC torque controlled electric screwdriver

The torque can be effectively set between 2.0 Kgf-cm~20.0 Kgf-cm with replaceable spring and stable torque is realized in screw fastening operations with big torque.

    Developed with emphasize placed on small size and light body.
    Designed for ergonomics principles and easy to operate.
    Balanced design for reduced vibration and noise.
    Highly repetitive torque accuracy.
     Wide tightening torque range and convenient torque adjustment.
     Safe low voltage direct current method.
     High quality motor keep low temperature for successive using.
     Double-insulation construction for extra protection.
     External replaceable carbon brush, easy to maintain.
     Driver cord is free attachable and detachable connector type.
     Easily convertible to suction type.
Main applicable products
     Cameras, Mobiles, HDD, CD, Laser reading heads,
     Car-carried sound equipment, Small VTR, UPS navigators,
     TFT panels, NB notebook PC, Video game consoles,
     Facsimile sets, TV sets, Photo printers, Telescopic antenna,
     Communication equipment, Video recorders, Car lamp and
     lightening fixtures.
HIMAX Electric Screwdriver TL 6500